Thursday, May 31, 2012

4th of July Tanks Tutorial...

Since it's almost The Fourth Of July, I thought it would be fun to make the girls some festive tanks.  I picked up 3 of these little american flags for a $1 at Michaels.

So I just ripped the flag off of the stick and pinned it to the tank and sewed it along the top.
Then I pinned a line of lace along the bottom edge and then sewed the remaining three side of the flag to the tank top.
So easy, cute, and cheap.
I made another one with this navy colored tank top too.

For little boys you could also sew a flag onto a plain T.  Gotta have the lace for the girls though ;).

Fourth of July Toes...

I love makes mine and my two girls toes festive around holidays.  Cheesy, but fun.  I hope you don't look at these and say that you could never to that.  They really were very easy, but took a little time.  Slow and steady wins the race!
I only painted one coat of each color.  I started out with the white all over my big toe, and then make a square in the upper left side.  If you get polish all over your skin, just use a q-tip to clean it up.  I use a plastic plate and reuse it over and over for my designs.  I dripped a couple of drips onto the plate, and then  took my extra thin paint brush and made striped with the red all the way down. 
I even messed up a couple of times and just took the white again and touched it up.  To clean the brush you just dip it into the nail polish remover and wipe it with a tissue.
Then I took some star decals from Wal-Mart and stuck them on the blue.  They actually came like below in a set of four. 
For my little ones, I could only fit 3 red strips and a single star.  Don't ever worry about buying expensive nail polish when it comes to the colors.  The only one that needs to be of good quality is the top coat.  I love the O.P.I. top coat, it seems to stay on forever.
The Fourth of July is only a little over a week away, so get your flags on!