Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tank Top Dresses and a Balancing Act...

I love this Amy Butler fabric I picked up on a girl's trip to the L.A. fashion district a couple months ago.  My only regret is that I didn't have enough for me!  To learn how to make this tank top dress click HERE.

For Tori's I added a little ruffle at the top.  I ended up gathering both ends and then adding red velvet ribbon to the top of one end.
Then I just attached it to the front side of the tank top.
I didn't get to Taylor's but I still love it without it.  Thumbs Up!
As you have noticed I haven't been posting as much as I used to .  My three month crafting spree has slowed down a lot!  I'm trying to balance crafting, blogging, cooking, reading, (napping :) hee hee), cleaning, and playing with the kiddos. Hopefully I'm not disappointing any of you! It's so hard to do everything you want to and feel good about it, you know?  I have A LOT of projects in mind and they will be coming soon but probably not everyday like before :).  Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Dress For Me...

I bought this dress at Target for $6 and wanted to dress it up a little.
So I cut off an 8 inch strip of this black lace that I had.
Then I gathered it down the center.
Then I folded it in half and sewed an end together at a slight angle.

This is what it looked like with one end sewn together.  Then I pinned it to the front and sewed along the top and down the middle.
Then I added this square gold button and it's done!

For my Sister In Law...

My cute sister in law Katie is prego so I snazzled up this prego shirt for her.

I made her a bobby pin to match.  The green roses below are one clip.  I thought I'd try putting two together.

New Tank Tops...

I helped my friend Allison make her little girls some tank tops and I love how they turned out.  I always want to keep things I help other people make, ha.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dress tutorial...

Taylor is the little cutie on the right, and I'll show today how I made her dress.  Below I had a yard of fabric that I cut at a slight angle on both side and then matched the right sides and sewed them together. Below you can see what it looks like when I turned it back right sides out.  I have a surger so I surged the top and bottom to leave a finished edge.
Next I turned over the top about an inch and then sewed all the way around and left a 1 inch opening and inserted elastic with a safety pin on one end.  I used the pin so that I could pull it along through to the other side.  Once I had the desired stretch I closed the opening.  Then I sewed some straps using some blue velvet ribbon.  I also hemmed up the bottom edge.
Next, I took some black lace and sewed the edge of it to the wrong side of the elastic edge that I just made.
So when you are done and flip your fabric back the right way it should look like below.  I only used the lace on the front half of the dress.
Flip your fabric back to the wrong side.  I used  1 inch ribbon and pinned it about 10 inches from the top all the way around the dress.  I sewed close to the edges on both sides, but left an opening again to insert elastic.
You can see below how I have the safety pin attached to the elastic and you insert it into the ribbon opening.
Once it's pulled all the way through you can pull it as tight as you need it, sew the two elastic ends together and then sew the opening shut.
Such a sweet and simple dress, hope you try it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Dresses...

I bought this fabric from the fashion district in L.A.  I finally sat down yesterday to make something out of it.  I'll post how I made them tomorrow.  I finished making them this morning so that they could wear them to church.   I think I might shorten Tori's ruffles (the one on the left) or make it two layers.  Tori and I were just laughing because she said she looks like a boy because you can't tell she's wearing a ponytail, she's a nut.
I just love putting the soft pink and bright blue together.
Love the sass! :)