Monday, July 5, 2010

Dad's Tea Towel Blanket...

For Father's Day I made my Dad a blanket.  He had saved tea towels from his mission that he went on for our church to New Zealand.  These tea towels were so fun.  They have a lot animated pictures and information about the New Zealand people.  I thought he would appreciate the blanket since he's kept them since he was 21 years old, ha.
So I arranged two rows of three and sewed them together and then joined the two rows to make one big blanket.  I used premade red quilting fabric for the other side.
This was my first time tying a blanket and I found it was a little time consuming, but it was worth it.

Love you Dad!


tammy said...

I'm sure he loved it.

James said...

This blanket is my favorite thing EVER! Thank you Miss Fergie.

Love, Dad