Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some fun ideas...

One of my great friends from high school, is a fellow crafter.  I'm always asking her to take pictures of her stuff so I can share them with everyone.  My favorite thing in her house is her cute entry dresser that she decks out with all the seasons and holidays decor.  I need to go take pictures because it always makes me want to go home and make my entry cuter.  Anyways, her name is Kimmy and here are some of her latest creations she has sent at my request.  Above are some fun ideas for clips.  Below are some of her tanks she has made.

I love these two below.  She first gathered the material on the sides and then sewed them on top of the tank tops.
These are the cutest paper pinwheels I've ever seen!  She used these to decorate for her daughter's "tea party."

I know you've all seen extravagant birthday parties with tables filled with matching candies, cakes, food, party favors and decorations.  I always think it's so cute and fun, but think to myself, "no child would truly appreciate all that went into that."  But my hat goes off to all who spend the time to make such creations, and I know it's fun to make such a splendor.  I always love it until about half way through and wish someone could come in and finish it up, ha.
Well, I think Kimmy's party for her daughter turned out so cute and would take some time, but is definitely do-able.  I love her simple but cute party favor bags she made for each girl below.
Here is her "tea party" table below perfect for 9 yr old girls. 
If you look close you can see the flower cut pb&j sandwiches on the cake platter. And the scallop edged paper place mats, and fruit kabobs are so cute and creative.  I'm sure they all loved it!
Are you ready to see the craziest, cutest, and over the top pirate party you've ever seen?  Click here and be amazed!


KatieJ said...

Those are all so cute! I wish Kimmy would do a blog but I'm glad she's sharing pictures with you to show on yours! She is so talented too.

Carole said...

lovely :)