Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Wreath Idea...

I made this wreath by using garland I wasn't using.  I wound it around twice and tied it in some places to keep it's shape.

Ok, so Walmart has super fun sparkly sprigs and ornaments in a rainbow of colors.  It took me forever to decide which ones to use.

For the sprigs I chose red, white, and green and wrapped them into little bunches and hot glued them into the wreath here and there.  But first I took my dollar store ribbon and looped it in and out around the wreath using hot glue.

Then I contined with the sprigs.

I loved this sparkly blue sign that they had in 6 different colors. 

Then I took my dollar store ornament and hot glued them here and there around the wreath.  Then I took white ribbon and tied it to the bottom of the wreath and attached the ornaments to it.

Some of you might notice that I painted my hideous security door blue.  It was an aweful off white and so I sprayed it brown and then dry brushed blue on top.  I was so sick of putting cute wreaths and decor on top of such an ugly door.

I found the most perfect garland that matched my wreath for around the door at Home Goods.

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Rebekah said...

that blue bench in the second-to-the-last pic in this post is adorable! where did you get that!?