Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party Idea...

My daughter was lucky enough to get invited to the cutest party I've ever seen.  My good friend Liz let me use these pictures.  The theme was a Fancy Nancy Party.  Fancy Nancy is a book series with the cutest stories about a girl who loves to play dress up, pretend, and use big words and they teach what all these "fancy" words mean.  When I dropped her off at this party I think my mouth was wide open.  It was a little girls dream and I wanted to be a little girl at that moment :).  Above are pictures from the entry when we walked in.

Seriously isn't this the cutest tea party?!  And I love how all the tea sets were real glass.  Made them feel like grown ups.
And of course, she had to have Fancy Nancy curtains.

Here is the cutest Fancy Nancy birthday girl.

I love the display of all the Fancy Nancy books.

I had to put one in here of my little Fancy Nancy :).

So fun they made bracelets, fairy wings,

painted each others nails, and did each other's make-up,

and made Fancy Crowns.

I was able to come a little early to pick up and my favorite was hearing Liz talking to them all in a Fancy Nancy English accent.  Then they all got their very own goblet of ice-cream sundaes.  As they were all getting picked up they had a fashion show in the front yard to music, so cute.

Such a fun and magical party!

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benilhalk said...

Lovely post!! Happy birthday to your little girl!! My daughter also turned 10 last week and my husband threw a huge party for her at one of best Los Angeles venues. She was really happy after such a fantastic party! Food was amazing in taste!