Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heart Shaped Burnt Satin Rose Tutorial...

So I have never seen anyone make heart shaped burnt satin roses, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere. 
I folded some satin in half and cut three sizes of hearts for each clip.

Then it's easiest if you use a candle and slowly get the edges close to the flame without making it turn black but enough to make it curl up.
Then dab some hot glue in between each petal.

Then I covered some clippies with ribbon and I put felt in between to help the clippies from slipping out of my girls hair.
I loved how they turned out and they are perfect for Valentine's Day.  I made some more to attach to my girl'sValentine skirts and shirts.(Soon to come)
Perfect for little piggies :).

To see regular burnt satin roses click HERE.


tammy said...

You must be feeling better if you're blogging and crafting.

Fabric Bows and More said...

You have been featured on our blog. Please feel free to grab an "Featured At" button from my side bar to show off!

Jennifer said...

These look so cute in the pigtails!!