Thursday, May 13, 2010

Satin Rose Tutorial...

I first saw these adorable roses when I came up the blog  You will seriously die if you visit this blog and see the most amazing little girl shoes ever!

So, don't ever throw away you satin scraps.  First you need to cut out circles that get smaller each time you cut a new one.  I did four this time.

And the less perfect the better.  Below I'm trying to show how you take a lighter and burn the edges but my husband wasn't around to take the pic so I'm showing you without a flame.
The picture below is how I hold the satin as I'm burning the edges.  And yes you actually put the flame on the satin, but you are moving it fast back and forth so it doesn't catch on fire.  And if it does, just blow it out. :)
So you just keep moving it around until all the edges have a burned look which makes it turn upward, and it then looks like petals.
You can either sew them all together or hot glue them together.  I do either depending on my mood.
Then take some fun bling and glue it in the middle.
I love these flat back pins.  They are perfect for flowers.  Or you can glue a clippy onto it or even better, both.
Here are some that I have made.  For more that I made you can view these onsies I did HERE.


tammy said...

Or I could just call you and have you make them for me.

Love them!

愛您, Claire™ ♥ said...

I LOVE THEM! (: They're so cute! I would make them NOW but im busy... so i cant. :( :( :( ARGH!!! But I love them SO MUCH!

bruce said...

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