Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Gift/Craft Part 2...

So I wanted to make this extra special for my mother in law and decided to embellish it a little more to fit in her sewing room.  So I found these cute thimbles and ruler at Hobby Lobby and painted the thimble black on the inside.
I also bought these flat canvas's and paint them black.

I looked online for a cute quote about sewing and decided to go with this one.
So I hot glued the thimbles here and there and added the ruler.

And then I hot glued the canvas to the frame.

The frame was really cute without this stuff, but I know she'll love it even more because of the extra thought ;). 


Joel and Lisa Wagenman said...

so dang cute!!!

and how the heck did you get your kitchen wall as the background for this blog!?

also, I saw a cute idea for embroidering a tie or bow tie onto a onezie for boys. thought you could have fun with that in case some one you know ever has a baby boy :)

Waseem said...

How you come up with this...i will use it if i remember.

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