Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Girls Tank Top Idea and Tutorial...

My friend Kimmy and I are obsessed with embellishing little girl tanks, and she showed me these fruit of the loom white tanks.  They are actually undershirts for little boys, so for my 2yr old I have to buy her a 4T.  But it's so great because you can get 5 for about $6.  Anywho, I made a flower using some black liner from following the tutorial HERE.  I grabbed some stretchy black lace that was scraps from something else, and pinned it around the from collar of the shirt like below.
Next I just sewed along the edge of the collar and it was done in about 1 minute.
Then I took this sassy boot button and hand sewed it to the flower.
Then I hand sewed the flower to the front side of the tank and it's done!

Can you tell she's saying cheese, lol.

To make the tank look cuter on the bottom edge you can sew it under to give it a more finished look, because the fruit of the loom tanks just have a serged edge.  But for a total of $3 at most, I think it's pretty adorable!
I had to get in Taylor's famous wink ;).  She actually can do it way better than that and switch eyes, it's so funny.


Mimi said...

My daughter buys plain tanks at Old Navy and blings them up for CHEAP and people are always stopping us asking where she bought those adorable tank tops, she says proudly, I bought the tank and I did the rest!!!!
Great idea!!!!
Maybe a new one she will try!!!!

tammy said...

So cute!