Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My window treatment redo...

So we've live in our house for seven years now and I finally feel like redo-ing the decor in my house.  So I started with all my windows downstairs.  So this will be the first windows I show you. 
I love looking at magazines with all white rooms and simple decor, but it's just not me.  For some reason I love to mix all different colors and fabrics together, it just makes me happy.  And I've decided to add some shade of turquoise blue throughout my house.  Anyways, the space is 12 feet long, so I first sewing this red fringe to this gold damask.  I used 14 feet of fabric so I would have a foot on each side to work with.

Then I had my husband attach L brackets to this 12 ft 1x4.

Next we stapled the fabric to the back side of the wood, leaving a foot extra of fabric on each side.
It was kind of a beast to hang, and I love doing projects like this with my hubby.  We get along so well under stressful curcumstances, ;) ;).

Then we used a level to make sure it was straight.
Then starting from the middle point I took extra strong sewing thread, like the kind you would use on denim.  And I started sewing back and forth with about a 2 inch space in between each stitch.

I never really plan these kind of things out.  I don't ever even know exactly what I really want.  I just go with what I'm feeling and mess around till it looks good.  So I stopped at about 3 quarters of the way up and pulled the thread tight, cinching up the fabric into this kind of look and tied it off.
This is what it looked liked.  Then I started on the sides from about a foot in and had to go up and an angle a little bit.
Next I made the turquoise lace and leopard edging.  To gather lace just by sewing on your machine turn your knob all the way to the highest number.  This maked it really tight.

Then make your stitch length the biggest it can go.

Then when you sew it will automatically gather it.  For a less gathered look change your knob to a lower number.

I just serged the leopard materil into a on inch strip.
The before I added the lace and edging I took the 1 foot extra fabric on each side and folded ,and stapled it to the wood on the sides.  Then I just hot glued the lace and leopard trip to the top of the window treatment.

Then of course I had to make a fabric rose for the the centers.
And here is the finished project!  I can't wait to do the pillows and kitchen windows to tie it all together. More to follow coming soon!


James said...

I like it.

James said...

I've got a new suit from GoodWill that fits perfectly in the coat but the pants are from hell. They need to be totally rebuilt. Can you show us how?

tammy said...

That is so you. And I'm glad to hear you and your husband get along as good as me and my husband do during projects like that.

Willi Nixon said...

That turned out so cute! i never knew you were so creative!! way to go.