Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to do a two color faux...

I just painted last Saturday for a client that I had painted for last year.  I have done just about her whole house except this room.  It's her nursery for grandkids/office.  I did a two colored tan faux on the walls and this is how I did it.
The colors I used are about 3 shades apart from each other.  I painted the base coat using the dark color.  Then I masked off floor to ceiling with paper and tape because this technique can be kind of messy.
Then I got out my handy two sectioned bucket and poured each color, and added some water to both.  I always add water because the paint is way to thick to work with.
I just picked up this staining brush,which is lambs wool wrapped around a piece of wood with a handle, from The Home Depot.
To start off you dip into the dark color and rub it onto the wall in  an uneven square kind of shape.  I usually work with about a 2x3 foot space.  That way it's so big so that it won't dry while I'm blending.

Next, while the paint is still wet I take the lighter color and sort of hit and miss in that area. 

And then do it again and again until it has some highs and lows of light and dark.  But try not to over work.  It definetly takes some practice.
Depending on what your going for, it should look something like this.

When you go to the next section try not to do them in a perfect square, otherwise it might be noticeable when you stand back and look at it.
I wish I could have shown a picture with her things put back, but she said she'd email me one later.
Here are some pictures of walls that our family business has done over the years and I intend to give tutorials on how to do them. 


Ms.Kristi said...

That is beautiful! And I love the polka dots below it too. Thanks for the tut! ^_^

Tracy Rogers said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Great design tips!

AZ Finters said...

I'm attempting argyle right now and its not going so well.

Darren & Kenna said...

Oh, you and your dad are talented. I absolutely love these walls. Someday when I own my own home I'll have to have you come!