Saturday, May 29, 2010

How To Make A Baby Blanket and Baby Taggy Blanket Tutorial

I bought 1 yard of each of these fabrics from Hobby Lobby.  I love the cute monkey flannel.

I then pinned the right sides together and had to trim off the brown because it had a lot more width than the flannel.  I'm going to use the rest of the brown later for a taggy blanket.

Then I sewed all around the four sides, but left a 5 inch opening so I could turn the right sides out later.
Here's what it should look like when you turn it's right sides out.
And there is the opening I used.
Next I pinned all the edges flat.  Some people also iron, but I hate ironing so I just pinned :).

Below is the 5 inch opening and I tucked the edges in and pinned it flat like the rest.

Then I sewed all four sides with about a 1/2 an inch from the edge of the blanket.
I went all the way off at the corners, and you can see if you look at the corner below.  I also embroidered the babes name.
Below is a picture of my holey jeans, and the 5 inch opening that you have to double sew.  What I mean by that is you have to also sew right along the very edge to make sure all the material stays tucked in.  It's not the prettiest, but it works.
After I trimmed the brown earlier I had enough material to make about a 15x15 inch taggy blanket.  It's just a cute little blanket that has different ribbon and trim on the sides for babies to play with.
I had a small strip of monkey fabric leftover and I just used my pinking shears to give it that crinkle cut so the edges won't fray.  Then I went through my scraps and found 5 more pieces of ribbon that would work for a boy.  I cut each of them into 4 8inch pieces.
I then folded them each in half and pinned them along all 4 sides of the blanket.  The brown material is right side up right now, and you can see that I pinned the cut edge facing outward.  Just look at this picture when you do it because I confused myself when I was trying to think about how to do it, ha.  I didn't use a certain order, but I tried to make it look random.  I also would shorter and lengthen them so they wouldn't all be the same length.
Then I sewed along all four sides to attach all the ribbon and trim.
Below is what they look like sewn on.
Then I layed it flat again...
And pinned the other square on top with right sides together.
Then I sewed all four sides again leaving a 4 inch opening.  This time I sewed along the inside leaving it about an inch from the edge.

Below I pulled it back right sides out and I'm showing the opening.
Just tuck in the cut edges and sew along the very edge.
Here it is finished.
And a close up.
Didn't it turn out so cute?


tammy said...

Love the monkey fabric. So cute.

Mimi said...

This makes me sad that I sold my singer sewing machine when we moved here 6 years ago!!!!Now I want it back, would it be mean to ask for it back, who ever bought my singer at my garage sale 6 years ago, I would like it back!!!!haha
cute idea!!!!!

Creative Urges said...

Thanks Ladies, and yes you should just get a new one I think ;)

cooler said...
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