Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gift/Craft Part 1...

Start with an unfinished wood frame.  I bought these at Walmart.
Next roughly paint a single coat of white acrylic to the top and sides.
It shouldn't look perfect.
Then use some black and water it down quite a bit.  Starting from the top with a half inch square tipped  brush, drag a stripe all the way down.  Don't worry if it's not perfectly straight or making a solid line.  It will actually look better if it's not.
Finish the entire frame.  I left the sides white.
Then take a sanding block and ruff it up all over.
It should look similiar to this.
Then I took some brown paint and watered it down alot.  I then took a smooth rag and started ragging on the brown and rubbing it really hard. 
After I would rag on the brown I would start rubbing it in the direction of the stripes.  You don't want it too brown looking so if you keep rubbing it will get light, just don't add anymore paint.  It you feel like it's too dark then rub it with a clean wet rag to get it off.
Here's the difference.
Next I made rosette from 3 different fabrics and made them all different sizes.  Some of them I added jewels in the middle.  For directions on how to make roses click HERE.  I also cut black felt leaves.

Before I hot glued them on I played around til I found the arrangement I liked.  Then one by one I started glueing them on.
Here is the finished project.
This is only part one because I want to make something cute for the middle.

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