Sunday, May 9, 2010


So with my newly painted bench I decided I want to have seasonal pillows that I can displaly on them.  And since the fourth of July is soon approaching I wanted to get a jump on making some Patriotic pillows.  I was going to paint the letters on, but my five year old talked me into using my embroidery machine.  The genius I was thought this style looked old and antique and perfect for a 1700's era.  Ya, so my husband thought it said Ted Freemum Rung, lol.  I should have scrapped it when I first saw the results, but I pride myself in going with the flow when it comes to creating.  I know once I add a couple more pillow it won't be too bad, but it does almost look like it's written in Chinese :).
Back to the pillow.  I cut out two pieces of muslin with my pinking scissors and added the blue gingham and Ted Freemun Rung square on top of  one of the big muslin pieces.  I used muslin because it's very cheap and I like the old look of it.  I just sewed them right on top of each other with a half inch edged square.  Then I took the other big piece of muslin (wrong sides together) and made a 1 inch square connecting them together leaving a 4 inch opening for stuffing.
Here's the opening that ending up more like 3 inches and therefore I needed a small handed stuffing assistant.
She did a wonderful job stuffing the polyfil for me.

To finish it off you just sew up the opening and add a couple of red fabric roses to resemble a flag.  I actually hot glued the roses because I don't plan on washing this pillow to often, if at all.
And voila, a perfectly partriotic Ted Freemum Rung pillow.


Meg said...

I found you from my cousin, Linae. You have a lot of cute things on your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

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tammy said...

Brett cracks me up. I think it's cute.