Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ring Da-Bling, Bling...

I was at JoAnns today and found these ring thing a dings. 
Let's just state the obvious, I've been a little obsessed with making fabric roses, right?  But when you find a good thing you just go with it.  So bare with all my rose madness, it will pass. :)  So if you still don't know how to make these little darlings click HERE.

So they came in two bags.  One had the actual ring and the other had these cute scalloped ovals.  So I just hot glued them together.

Then pick which ring you want to go with the roses you've made.
I love how this cream one turned out.  And it looks cute just by itself but I added some more bling. :)
Here's all three done.
I don't recommend wearing all three at once but they are cute.
These are perfect for gifts for friends and family and they are so fun because they can have your personal touch.


tammy said...

I have to do this. Don't you wish there was a JoAnn's right next to Walmart out here?

Amber said...

Once again... I am SO loving these! You are probably the most creative gal I know!