Monday, April 26, 2010

Dining Room to Craft Room Part 1...

So I have been using my dining room to set up all my sewing machines and all the stuff that goes with sewing, and it has not been pretty. But I decided that since I use it full time as a craft room that I better just turn it into a cute one. I was thinking that it was sad we were going to have to get rid of this table because it was still in really good shape. And then I just knew what we should do. We needed to cut it in half and place it side by side and use it as a sewing and craft desk. I've been planning it out forever, and my husband finally did it! yay! Okay, so I was planning on taking a picture of our dining room before my husband cut the table, but when I got home he already had it apart and ready to cut. So, here it is decorated for my daughter's birthday.
My husband took out the leaf and put a piece of tape down the center to prevent the wood from chipping while he cut it . (He also took off some parts underneath the table that were no longer needed since he was taking the leaf off.) He then drew a straight line on it, and then cut away.

He bought these brackets and attached them to the table on two sides. Make sure your screws aren't too long so they don't go through to the other side.

Next it's time to attach the leaf that was just cut in half.

So now you can take the leaf that you cut in half and attach it to the table.
Once the table is secured to the leaf you need to attach 2 L brackets. So now one side attaches to the edge of the leaf and the other to the wall, and again this is done at two points.
But make sure its level.
Seriously, how cool does that look. I love how I have all the drawers are in front of me now, and it looks like I have a custom desk.
Do you like how I tried to crop out the mess? I guess it didn't work. I should have cleared it all off for the picture, but we are about to put up shelves and I thought I'll save a clean picture for the end result. :) This project probably took about an hour. So if you have a square table like this do not get rid of it if you need a desk. Or I'm sure you can get a cheap one on Craigslist too.


SP said...

Great idea Jackie! Keep 'em commin I love looking at your ideas Thanks, Selena

marrywilson01 said...

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