Saturday, April 24, 2010

I saw this quote by Albert Eistein ,"True art is characterized by an irresistable urge in the creative artist." November 15th, 1950.
My first thought was," really he was alive in 1950?" and then I thought, "yes, that's what I can name my blog, Creative Urges."
I'm so happy that my good friend is the creater of "The Cutest Blog On The Block"because she helped with creating the background and banner for my blog. She amazes me. I started doing some sketches, and taking pictures of randomn things at my house. The chicken wire wall is from my kitchen. We also decided to start designing new pages for her free background site that incorporate my sketches, paintings, and all my randomn findings :). So stay tuned because they are turning out so cute!

I've been sketching vintage frames, chandeliers, lamps, furniture, flowers, and fruit all week. These two made it in the banner.


Randall Family said...

Hey Jac...I'm excited to see what you post :)

Miss Fergie said...

Thanks Jaime!

Kristine Thompson said...

So when can you redo my blog? :) Looks dang cute!