Monday, June 21, 2010

4th of July Cupcakes...

When I saw these I thought they were little pies!  Can you believe these are actually cupcakes?!  I'm totally going to make these for our 4th of July Shindig.  Check out how at

5 comments: said...

Miss Fergie,
Thank you so much for featuring my Cupcakes on your site. I'm completely flattered.

Could you please adjust your statement to say, "Check out how at I'd also love it if you could make either my site name or the picture link to my blog.

Thank you again so much for featuring me. I love your site! Have a Happy 4th, and if you do make the cupcakes, let me know how they turn out!

Rachymommy - said...

Thanks! :)

Danielle Renee said...

They look like little pies! So them.

Kristin said...

Adorable cupcakes! I'd like to try ot make those with my kids. Peaches are big around here so we'd have to make them peach pies!

Crista-Gabriela said...

What 4th of July Shindig?!?!!? I can find any occasion to make those beautiful (really!) cupcakes! oh! I don't even need an occasion LOL :P

Lately I've descovered raw food and I try to stay away from this baked (tasty) things and try something that is also healthy and still good looking on the plate. :)

PS. I love your blog!