Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Randomn Tank Top Design...

I seriously don't even buy my girls shirts anymore because I have too much fun making them.  This ones a little funky, but there's something to be said about the cuteness of a two year old.  She could wear anything and it would look adorable because of her tinyness.  Ahh, I want to freeze her in time!  Anyways, I actually used a scrap leftover from my Kitchen Window Treatments and burned the edges of this ruffle so it won't ever fray. 

Next, I just pinned it and sewed it to the front of the tank.
Easy-Peazy!  Then I used one of my Satin Roses in which I hot glued a pin to the back so I can move it from various shirts.

Later I moved the flower over to her left a little and it looked so cute. 

I just wanted to show you than with these tanks (boys 4T fruit of the loom undershirts), the armpits are a little big so I always add a matching ribbon and tie it in the back.  So sassy :).
She started workin it for me, lol.

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Trisha said...

well, you're a genius!! nice! :D