Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cut off jeans with lace tutorial...

I'm sure a lot of  you are having the same problem as me right now.  My oldest Tori still fits in her jeans, but they are major high waters on her, ha.  I'm sure you've cut off jeans before and made them shorts, but I wanted to try something a little more unique because she already has a couple of plain cut off pairs.

So after cutting them off long enough to fold up and still be the length I liked, I grabbed some lace.
Then like the picture below I pinned it inside the rolled up edge.

I changed my stitch length to as big as it goes because jeans have a bigger stitch look.
It was kind of hard fitting that skinny little jean leg onto my machine.  I had to work it a little to get it to move around, but just be patient and you can do it.  Once these are washed and dried a couple of times it will also have that cute frayed edge above the stitching.
  I like them so much I'm thinking of making myself a similiar version. :)


tammy said...

And I bet she looks adorable in them.

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

LOVE these! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

tzuki333 said...

I love your work, the tutorial is great, I'm looking forward to trying it myself!!!

Rachel said...

Sew cute!!

Lori S. said...


~Lori@live,laugh,love,create :)